Ladies & Gentlemans Cup 2023 autumn edition is an international football cup for women (21+) and men (25+)  which will take place 

  • Age groups: Women (21+), Men (25+)
  • Players: 6v6
  • Playtime: 1×20 min
  • Date: 18.11.2023
  • Stadium: Männiku indoor hall (artificial turf)

I General rules

1.1 International football tournament Ladies & Gentlemens Cup  autumn edition will be held 18th of november in Tallinn, Estonia

1.2 The organizers of the tournament has right to make changes in match times and locations, if it is necessary and an inevitable event requires it!

II Participants

2.1 All the teams accepting following rules and team fee are allowed to participate at the tournament.

2.2 Players aged 21+ are allowed to participate in the women’s tournament.
Players aged 25+ are allowed to participate in the men’s tournament.

2.3 During the tournament, the player can represent only one team.

III Detailed rules

3.1. 5+1 players on the field. Goals 2×5 meters. Without offside.

3.2. The international football tournament Ladies & Gentlemens  Cup  follows the international laws of the game provided by FIFA.

3.3. Up to 16 teams can participate in the tournament. Tournament system is decided by organizer, depending on the number of teams participating!

3.4. If some teams get equal scores in subgroups, the final ranking will be decided according to:

  • match between each other
  • overall goal difference
  • number of goals
  • yellow cards
  • red cards
  • abandoned matches, cancellation of results
  • drawing lots

All places in the Ladies & Gentleman’s Cup 2023  will be determined in the play-off system.

3.5. Substitutions: back and forth.

3.6 The minimum number of players in the squad is 4. If the number of players is lower, the game is terminated and the team will be considered loss ,the goals scored in the game will be canceled. The goals scored by the opposing team will remain valid and placed in the table in the normal manner.

3.7 The player who received the red card skips the next game.

3.8 The playing time is 1 x 20 minutes.

IV Awards

4.1 The teams having won the first, second and third place will be awarded with trophies and medals.